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Baby Lock Solaris 2 BLSA2

Solaris 2’s built-in IQ Visionary™ projector displays stitches and embroidery designs directly on the fabric. Resize, move or make other adjustments with the touch of a wireless stylus – all while seeing it happen in real time before you sew it out. Perfect placement is achieved every time.

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Precise Embroidery Placement

While in embroidery mode, choose from three different projection backgrounds (black, grey, or white) based on fabric choices to see your design clearly. The needle drop laser is displayed in a point or a “T” pattern for an even more precise placement.

Perfect Sewing Placement

The Solaris 2 uses a variety of guideline markers and grids for perfect placement. While in sewing mode, switch between three different laser colors (red, green and white) for better visibility based on fabric choices. Single, double, angles and grid lines are ideal for piecing precision, stitch adjustment and aligning starting points and very wide stitches.

10-5/8" x 16" and 10-5/8" x 10-5/8" Hoop Sizes

The 10-5/8" x 16" hoop is Baby Lock’s largest hoop yet. It makes it possible to stitch out your biggest embroidery designs with fewer rehoopings. The 10-5/8” x 10-5/8” hoop size is perfect for quilt blocks

IQ Intuition™ Monitoring App

Keep track of your project’s progress with this convenient feature that alerts your phone when the bobbin needs to be changed, if a thread breaks, if a thread needs to be changed and when stitching is done. (Free smart phone app for download is required).

IQ™ Designer and IQ Intuition™ Positioning App

Create your own designs and quilt motifs with ease. Draw directly on the screen, scan in your favorite artwork, upload an existing file to the Solaris 2 using a USB drive, or wirelessly send designs to your machine from your smart phone using the IQ Intuition Positioning App. Your art will be instantly converted into an embroidery pattern (free smartphone app for download is required)

Auto Split of Large Quilt Borders

Create beautiful quilt borders and sashing with unmatched precision using the 30 patterns and two shapes (rectangular or hexagonal) available. Simply enter a few measurements, select a hoop, and the Solaris 2 does the necessary calculations for you. The on-screen instructions guide you every step of the way for quilts measuring up to 118” x 118”. You can even repeat or skip sections, if necessary.

10.1" Capacitive Touchscreen

You’ll have total control over every single aspect of your stitches, embroidery designs, placement, colors and more on a large touchscreen with slide scrolling menus and pinch in/out zooming.

End Point Setting for Sewing

Achieve perfect stitches using the built-in camera and end point sewing stickers. Simply place the sticker where you want your stitch to the end, activate the endpoint sewing feature and sew with confidence!

Add Quilting to Embroidery Patterns

Add stippling, echo quilting, or any of the 42 Decorative Fill patterns from IQ™ Designer around a selected design.
For advanced quilting options, use IQ™ Designer to add fills inside
your designs.

Camera Detecting Buttonhole Foot

The Solaris’ camera automatically senses
pre-set points on the buttonhole foot, providing an accurate, better sew
out. The two-piece foot secures the fabric, preventing slippage.

13" to the Right of the Needle

With an unprecedented 13" to the right of the needle for an impressive 65 square inches of workspace, Solaris 2
gives you plenty of room to comfortably work on larger projects and
full-size quilts.

Needle Plate with Push Button Release

Switching out plates has never been this
easy – just simply touch a button. No tools are needed! The needle plate
also features a variety of new markings for better placement, alignment
and accuracy.

Built-In Designs, Built-In Fonts, Decorative Fills, Utility Stitches

Make every project uniquely yours with a huge variety of built-in designs, decorative stitches, decorative fills
and utility stitches.

Embroidery Couching

Use the included couching  embroidery foot to easily add dimension and texture to your projects with decorative
yarns and one of the 40 new designs.


  • Design Duplication Capability
  • Number of USB Type A Ports 2
  • Machine Only Height 13 ¾”
  • Embroidery Pattern Memory 1
  • Automatic Appliqué
  • Built-In Designs 865
  • Number of Needles 1
  • USB Connectivity
  • Embroidery Speed 1,050 SPM
  • Embroidery Pattern Memory
  • Number of Hoops Included 4
  • Automatic Stippling
  • On-Screen Editing
  • Machine Weight Only 43.2 lbs
  • Built-In Fonts 32
  • Combine Designs
  • Weight with Embroidery Unit 55.5 lbs
  • Data Input Types .pes, .phc, .pec, .dst
  • Rotation Capability
  • Machine Only Depth 12 5/8″
  • Frame Patterns 140
  • Multiple Design Selection Capabilities
  • Machine Only Width 27 ½”
  • Maximum Embroidery Field Size 10.6″ x 16″


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