Globetrotting: Washington DC

Block One
Our Globetrotting journey starts in my home town, Washington DC! I live just outside our wonderful capital in the Virginia suburbs. I feel so lucky to be able to take part in great museums, festivals and explore the history of our country!

The center block is our largest block and sets the stage for our trip around the world!

Scroll down to watch my video about the block!

Inspiration from Our Nation’s Capital
I wanted to create a block inspired by history. I found this old map of DC and used it as my inspiration. Visit my blog to learn more about the creation of my first block in Globetrotting. Here is the map:

Pat’s Video for Block One

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Download Block One Materials List and Pattern!

Here are the two colorwaves you may choose from

Here is Pat’s pattern for Block One: Washington DC:

Click Here to download the PDF of the pattern for Block One: Washington DC.

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