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The PetVac Grooming Kit is specially made to fit 99% of vacuum systems (central, upright, canister, RV)
via a uniquely designed hose and airflow bleeder valve. Harness the ultimate suction of your vacuum unit
-connect the hose to your longer central vacuum hose – and cleanly groom anywhere!

The four piece central vacuum PetVac accessory kit comes with:

Shed Eliminator

The Shed Eliminator is a hybrid between a professional pet de-shedding comb and a vacuum accessory.
The vacuuming power of the Shed Eliminator means that you don’t have to worry about spreading dirty
pet hair around your house. Its all vacuumed up and sent to your central vacuum unit.

The Small Pet and Lint Brush

The Small Pet Brush is safe to use just about anywhere. The Lint Brush means you never worry about
your pets shedding on your sofas again.

The Hose

This 15 foot PetVac hose is designed to couple onto your standard vacuum hose. It also features an airflow
bleeder valve that makes combing and vacuuming your pet easier. Span the hose out 15 feet away from the
sound of the airflow and most animals won’t even know a vacuum is running.
*Note: Please use this hose ONLY when it is connected to a longer hose.

Safe, affordable and easy to use.

The Shed Eliminator blade may look sharp, but it is not. Its shape and functionality are very safe and are
the standard amongst common professional de-shedding combs.


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