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Pick-up of Vacuum For Service

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Pick up of vacuum or steam vac for service or repair. Certified Factory Trained Technicians will get your machine running like new! We will call you with a free estimate upon returning to our store. For a limited time your $ 20 deposit may be applied to any full service performed on your Vacuum or Steam Vac. If you decide not to repair your machine, we can dispose of it for you or can deliver it to you for $ 20 delivery fee. You may also pick it up at our store anytime. If we service and repair your machine, we will deliver it back to you for free.

We will call you to schedule pick-up. If you are west of Route 1 pick-up and deliveries are normally done on Tuesdays and East of Route 1 on Fridays.

What we need for service:
1. With canisters send complete machine with hose, wands and power nozzle.
2. Remove all tools from machine. no crevice, dusting brush or upholstery tools.
3. It is not necessary to remove bag. We install new bag as part of the service.