Garment Construction Demos - Bordentown

Class #1: Understanding the Pattern Envelope - The pattern envelope contains all the information you need to go shopping for your project.
  • Learn how to correctly take measurements
  • Choose the right size for your garment.
  • Determine which fabrics are appropriate for your project and how much to buy.
  • Decide which notions will be needed and how to choose the right ones

Class #2: Cutting -Laying out and cutting your fabric properly means that your project will be easier to assemble and will hang nicely when you are done.
  • Learn how to lengthen or shorten pattern pieces for a better fit
  • Determine if your fabric has a nap or directional design and what that means for cutting out your garment
  • Use the pattern instructions to properly layout and cut garment fabric
  • Learn the different techniques for laying out woven and knit fabrics
Class #3: Set-In Sleeve - A nicely sewn sleeve makes all the difference in how attractive your new shirt or blouse is.
  • Learn a couple of approaches for sewing in a sleeve
  • Find out which techniques work well for woven fabrics and which are good for knits
  • This will probably be the trickiest step if you're new at sewing garments.

Class #4: Seaming - Sewing two pieces of fabric together should be pretty straight forward, right? There's a few tips we can show you to make the process go easier and make you happier with the finished project
  • Learn how to pin your garment for sewing and how to use those pattern markings
  • Determine which type of seam is the best choice for your project and fabric
  • We'll show you how to seam knit fabrics on a regular sewing machine
  • Learn about proper pressing techniques and the tools that will make pressing a lot easier

Class#5: Elastic Waistbands - There are many options for constructing an elastic waistband.
  • Learn about the different approaches ans the fabric and notions you'll need for each
  • See the many options you have for making a comfy skirt or pair of pants

Class #6: Hems - There are lots of ways to hem your garments, from decorative to almost invisible.
  • Learn the many techniques you can use to finish off the edges of your garment
  • We'll cover options that work well for woven fabrics and those that are great for knits
  • Discover the presser feet that make these special hems a breeze to sew

Class #7:Facings - What are facings and why do we want them on our shirts? Not all patterns are designed with a shaped facing, but this type of facing will give your woven shirt a very tailored look.
  • Learn how to create your owns shaped facing pattern (It's easy! Really!)
  • Find out how to add facings to your garment during construction.
  • You can even use the facing as a decorative element.

Class #8: Zippers - Is there anything more intimidating than sewing a zipper? They are really not bad if you use the right tools and learn a couple of tricks.
  • Find out about the different types of zippers and the best use of each
  • We'll show you how to sew in a standard zipper
  • We'll show you how to sew in an invisible zipper so it's actually invisible!


  • Working with plaids and stripes
  • Neckline options for knit shirts
  • Working with sheer fabrics
  • Adding embroidery to garments
  • Embellishing garments
  • Making adjustments to patterns for a better fit
  • Moving bust darts
  • Tailored waistbands
  • Buttonholes and closures
  • Making a muslin
Skill Level:
All sewers
Chris Kaden

Garment Construction Demos - Bordentown

$ 15.00
Demonstration of professional techniques. No machines needed. Call for information on class discount