Floriani on Tour with Trevor Conquergood

Join Trevor and a Floriani educator for this special event as they teach embroidery software and the basics of stabilizers and thread. Novice, intermediate, or master, whatever your level ... you will learn how to elevate your embroidery and sewing in a new and exciting way! Register now for ONLY $59.95 and receive a FREE Gift from Floriani and Stony Brook Sew & Vac valued at over $499.00 during the event!

Trevor, like Walter Floriani himself, was extremely fortunate to have been born the son of an Embroidery Master. His father and family lived Embroidery. There was never a family meal or function that
did not result in a discussion about the Embroidery Process.

When Floriani decided to have someone produce professional Training Videos for their amazing Floriani Total Control-U Software they went to Walter’s long term personal friend and fellow Embroidery Master, Trevor Conquergood. We are happy to report Trevor’s new FTC-U Workshop 101 training DVD has already been a huge success and we are thrilled he has agreed to serve as our Floriani Ambassador. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Trevor you are in for an amazing treat, as well as an in-depth education that is sure to enhance your embroidery skills!

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Skill Level:
All levels
Materials Included:
This is a Lecture Demo. Bring paper and pen for lots of notes
Trever Conquergood

Floriani on Tour with Trevor Conquergood

$ 59.95
Inlcudes Lunch